Look Forward

See check-in/check-out volume with further details on today’s/tomorrow’s activity.

One glance tells all

In one single screen, you can view details of who is in-house and any specific requirements, then coordinate necessary actions with other managers, ensuring the best possible guest services.

Multi-Property Management

Do you manage multiple properties? If so, use our multi-property feature that allows group managers to access multiple sites, while restricting access to individual property managers. All of your properties are visible from a single window. It’s simple: just choose your property from your own custom menu.

Groups "ticker" keeps tabs on this critical segment

Groups are sorted by check-in date order, allowing for easy review and prioritization of set up requirements. Allows for added information such as key contact and direct cell phone.

Never Lose Track of VIP Guests

VIP’s are traced throughout their stay with a specific ledger. This allows every manager on every shift to pay attention to specific requests of the VIP or special needs guest.

Free 30-Day Trial, No Obligation

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