Frequently Asked Questions

1) What If I'm not happy with Inn at a Glance after the 30 Day Trial?

There is no obligation whatsoever! You may try a “Lite” version (ie: without any PMS link) of Inn at a Glance with no obligation. You simply advise us that you wish to terminate your trial, and we will cancel your unique URL and erase any data that you have loaded into the system. There are no cancellation fees or expenses.

2) My plan expired, how do I renew it?

There are no plans or long term commitments that you have to agree to! On the first of each month, Inn at a Glance. will debit PayPal account with the monthly licensing and maintenance fee (the charge will appear from LMA Communications Inc., the parent firm of Inn at a Glance). If you cancel any time prior to that date (with 24-hours notice), the debit will be stopped. For those who are pre-paying by check, that unused portion of their funds will be returned.

3) Is there a self-hosted version of the software?

Inn at a Glance is designed to run on our server. While other servers could probably be configured to perform in a similar fashion, we prefer to maintain all hosting through our server for security and quality control purposes. An important note: Inn at a Glance has no rights to your data, and will never use this data for any purpose whatsoever (see our licensing agreement for details).

4) Is PayPal the only way to pay?

The initial installation is invoiced and must be paid for via return check or bank transfer with 30-day terms. Sustaining monthly fees can be paid either by PayPal or, if preferred, Inn at a Glance will invoice your property annually in advance. Those pre-paying their monthly fees on an annual basis are entitled to a 5% pre-payment discount.

5) How will the system help me gain revenue for my properties?

Hospitality Management is complex. As a GM or property owner, you need to be able to distill information from your planning committee as well as line managers. As a line manager, often your performance relies upon knowing and integrating your work with other departments. But how do you do it? Inn at a Glance allows you to identify operating issues that will impact guest satisfaction issues for follow up. It's like having a complete set of daily reports on hand instantly all the time.

6) How can I get more information about Inn at a Glance?

Feel free to contact our Sales Director, Steve Leonard at 973.769.5771. We would be pleased to answer any questions that you might have.

7) How does Inn at a Glance control information input?

This is controlled through an administrative hierarchy. The software is divided into the Manager's Home Page, or front end, and the administration site, or back end. When your Inn at a Glance site is first set up, you will designate the site administrator. Everyone with secure access to your Inn at a Glance site can view the front end where the information is displayed, but the administrator must assign permissions to the back end where information is added. Managers can be given the ability to read and write entries, or kept as read only managers.

8) Is there a multi-property version?

Yes, we have a multi-property version of Inn at a Glance, ideally suited to management groups or owners with a diverse portfolio of properties. With the multi-property version, each property has their own Inn at a Glance dashboard, with an additional "multi-dashboard" that allows the group manager or owner to toggle between properties. This is particularly useful when the owner has properties with several different flags each with different data configurations. Inn at a Glance allows for direct comparison with a simple pull down menu. Ask for a demonstration.

9) How does the technical support work and how much does it cost?

Technical support via email is included in the monthly license and maintenance fee. Our goal is to keep your Inn at a Glance program fully functioning. If your program develops a problem, you can email us and a response will be posted within 24 hours. If the problem is of a more serious nature, you may elect to call our Customer Service center (a service charge may be applied).

10) Can I have my Inn at a Glance dashboard customized?

Your Inn at a Glance dashboard can be customized. No charge customization includes your logo, social media and reference sites. The cost for additional personalization depends upon the degree of customization required. Please consult with us, so that we can finalize your requirements.

11) How does Inn at a Glance work with my current Property Management System (PMS)?

For those who are buying a fully-featured version of Inn at a Glance, a direct one way link from your PMS is available through Micros Fidelio and PARS Springer Miller (other PMS links are under development). Through this link, all of the numerical data shown on the Inn at a Glance dashboard is automatically fed from your PMS, and there is no need for you to upload this data manually. Each PMS system operates differently, but have one feature in common: the request for a linkage has to be user generated. In other words, you need to request this from your PMS vendor; we cannot do this for you. Note that Micros Fidelio and PARS Springer Miller charge a set up fee for this link, which is incremental to the set up fee from Inn at a Glance. Please speak to your Inn at a Glance sales representative for complete details.

12) Is my data secure?

Our server is protected by an SSL certificate. Only your system administrator can grant access to the data, which is both user name and password protected. We will supply an audit summary of our service upon request.

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