With Inn at a Glance® you get to stay connected.

In a single screen, you can view critical details of who is in house. Not just the number of rooms turning, but guest occupancy to help manage F&B, housekeeping requirements and service alerts. All of your properties are visible from a single login. It's simple - just choose your property from a dropdown menu! Learn more

Your night & weekend staff are never left in the dark.

Inn at a Glance® provides instant access to all advertising and promotional material, available by date so reservations and front desk can see any ad that a customer may reference. Immediate access to social media ensures more frequent referral. The Manager-On-Duty scheduling system and Phone Directory ensure that staff know who to call at any day or time.

More knowledge = better guest service.

Everything is at your finger tips! Drilldown into any department and learn about what is happening instantly. Scroll through previous month's notes to observe recurring patterns. Cross reference issues between departments using the Bulletin Board or Service Alerts, helping streamline discussions during planning committees.

Everything you need is here and available 24/7

Successful property management involves a blend of statistical data and human intuition. Today's general managers need more than their planning committee team member briefings. They need to get close to the guest. Walking around the property is the first step, but it is never enough. Inn at a Glance® allows you to quite literally walkthrough every department. You can experience what is happening even if you are off-property.


Easy access to our web based software from anywhere!

Inn at a Glance® is iPad-ready so that you can login on-the-go! The enhanced mobile version is coming soon to iPhone, Android and BlackBerry!


Technical Support just got better!

We know just how important it is that your system is working properly. We're available to you for technical support by phone, email and even Twitter!


Full details on Inn at a Glance®

This management tool allows owners, general managers and team leaders access to most critical operating information on one single dashboard.